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Aysha Buffet

Aysha Buffet is a self-taught Trans drag queen of Filipino descent from Melbourne’s suburbs. She previously won the national Dragnation contest at Melbourne’s GH Hotel, competing against seven other talented queens for the title of Australia’s next drag superstar. Aysha’s drag persona was born out of her desire to express her femininity and love of styling, inspired by veteran Paris Drag queen’s performances. Her performances are energetic and unique, drawing influence from various artists, music, and other queens. Aysha creates her own clothes and acts, showcasing her personal sense of creative flair. She believes in the importance of being confident, inspired, and determined, encouraging her drag peers to follow their own path and showcase their unique talents. With plans for more performances and a tour of Australia, Aysha is excited to continue to showcase the best of what she’s got as a drag queen.

In addition to her drag performances, Aysha Buffet is also a passionate advocate for trans rights and diversity and inclusivity for trans and queer POC people. She has spoken at both corporate and community events about the importance of creating safe spaces and opportunities for marginalized communities. Aysha’s advocacy work is driven by her personal experiences as a trans person of color, and she is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable society for all. She uses her platform as a drag queen to raise awareness and promote positive change, inspiring others to join the fight for social justice. Through her performances and advocacy work, Aysha is a powerful force for change in the drag and LGBTQIA+ communities. 

Aysha Buffet not only has a flair for fashion and performance as a drag queen, but she is also a passionate foodie. She loves exploring different cuisines and trying new restaurants in Melbourne and beyond. From fine dining, to KFC, Aysha believes that food is not just about sustenance but also about the experience and the joy it brings. Whether it’s trying out the latest food trend or discovering hidden gems in the city, Aysha Buffet is always up for a foodie adventure.

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